How To Buy A New Car and Avoid The Pitfalls That Will Cost You Thousands Of Dollars!

If you want to buy a new car, you should be aware of the pitfalls involved in buying a new car.

Not knowing these new vehicle buying pitfalls can and will cost you thousands of dollars more during the initial purchase and more money for the years that you own your new automobile.

Things That Can and Will Cost You Thousands More When Buying A New Car...

Going to the dealership without having done some serious online research first.
Getting your new auto financing through the dealership instead of securing it before.
Trading your vehicle in to the dealer instead of spending a few hours cleaning it up and selling it on your own.
Telling the sales person while shopping how much you can afford per month on your auto loan.
Buying your new automobile without giving it a test drive first.
Buying into the games the salespeople will play on you that are designed to wear you out.
Acting all excited about your new purchase in front of the sales person.
Giving a deposit on a new vehicle that is not already present on the lot.
Going to the dealership hungry and thirsty.
Not knowing when and how to just leave the lot and go home or go to another dealership.
Letting them talk you into their exorbitantly priced add-ons like; rust proofing, fabric protection, new car paint sealant, extended car warranties, etc.
Paying all their bogus add-on fee's how to buy a new car for the lowest price.

When you buy a new car, you should know that it is like going to battle!

Entering an automobile dealership to buy a new car without applying ALL of the above will result in you spending thousands of dollars more when buying a new auto...and its just not necessary to spend more because those are all easy things to do (or not do) the next time you buy a new vehicle.